Quick writing year in review

Published three books under Twit Publishing. Did all the copy, layout, and so on. Completed work on the fourth, but it’s not out yet. Look for it in 2013 sometime. Almost completed a fifth, but stalled out (we’re back on track now). Look for that in 2013 as well.

Wrote six short stories. Consigned one to the trash heap.

Started novella. Consigned it to trash heap.

Thought I’d have another go. Started second novella. Consigned it to the trash heap. Lit it on fire while it languished there. Mental note: if the short story you threw away was a hunk of dead meat, you’re not going to resurrect it into a novella. Just saying. I’ll know better the second time around.

Began work on novella. Seems to be going well. A flamboyant send off is not seen in its future.

Roughly sketched two more short stories. They can sit for a while, at least until this one’s finished.

Total words written (not including blogs): About 101,072. A little low in my estimation, but the majority of this was done in the last six months of the year as my schedule freed up. I’m more or less satisfied with my progress.

Also, I don’t keep track of what I remove from a story. Sometimes I start work on something and I just realize it’s a steaming turd, so I backtrack to where it once, perchance, smelt of roses. I trim back to that spot and rewrite. I tend to save those alternate story ideas and scenes, but they don’t get counted into the total. I believe in tracking oneself to see progress, but not to the point of making it my second job.

That’s just weird.

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