New Novella

2109 words in and stalled. Sort of.

I took the chance and dared to outline the novella before I started writing furiously on it. The last time I worked on a piece this large (Gambler’s Paradise), I got stalled. I was rereading the work, just to see the lay of the land, and I stumbled into one of the GIANT FREAKING HOLES IN THE PLOT and was never found again.

So, to avoid that this time I’ve outlined, in very broad strokes, the overall plot. It seems to be better. I can visualize the flow of the story with the exception of a few weird instances (like now).

Back to pulling this wolf’s teeth. Cause that’s what it feels like.


Dental work done. Wrestled that sumbitch to the ground and got the ether-soaked rag over its mouth.

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